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Ingredient Blending

Creating safe, healthy blends.

As a team we have a history in the blend industry dating back to 2000. When it comes to quality and consistency, we are ahead of the competition. When it comes to customer savings we have a proven track record! When it comes to customer service we know that without our customers we are nothing. We know that time is crucial, we make certain we understand your needs, and we bend over backwards to meet your demands. In the end we will give you the quality you demand at a price that makes sense. 

We develop new formulas, upgrade existing formulas or simply pre-blend some ingredients to be used in a larger formula.

Pre-blending ingredients is helping many companies save as much as 20%. If we consider the cost of time, man power, logistics and space it takes to work with multiple ingredients it may be worth considering consolidating some ingredients into one package under one skew. Consistency is critical and we guarantee consistency. We do our best to save you time, and that equals money!

Todays regulatory demands are greater then ever and we are on top of all requirements and documentation. Call us to talk about your projects.