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Plant Based Ingredients

Ingredient demands are changing and we're helping support that!

The demand for healthier living through plant based food and ingredients is impresive. Consumers are questioning what they eat from farm to manufacturer practices and consumers are being heard! Changes are taking place as consumers are educating themselves about living a healthier life. Demand for dairy free, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Organic foods are growing rapidly. As of early 2019 Dairy Alternatives make up about 25% of the dairy section at the grocery store and is expected to take up to 40% by 2020. Currently there are Dairy Alternatives for Ice Ceam, Cheeses, Pizza, Milks, Yogurts, and Butter Spreads.

At LoAnn we are doing our part to support our customers. We are producing and sourcing the best and cleanest ingredients from around the world. Plant based proteins and ingredients for use in "Dairy Alternative" products including, Non Dairy Cheese, Non-Dairy Ice Creams, Smoothies, Sport Nutrition, Confections, Soups, Dips, Dressings, crackers, pancake mixes, yogurts etc.......

Our Plant Based Ingredients: 

    • Coconut Protein (Available March 2019)

    • Coconut Milk Yogurt Powder 

    • Coconut Milk Powder 

    • Coconut Cream Powder (Offering Both Vegan and Vegetarian)

    • Moringa Protein
    • Pea Protein Isolate and Concentrate
    • Rice Protein
    • Soy Protein Isolate
    • Soluble Tapioca FIber

    • Soluble Turmeric

Please send requests for Specification Sheets and Samples to: [email protected]