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Better Living Through Food & Supplements

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Bringing healthy ideas to life.

R&D for new products can be a long and difficult process, or not. With the proper

  • Knowledge - Having a firm understanding of ingredient chemistry and function as well as staying on top of the industries demands then finding and working with the ingredients to meet them.
  • Experience - There is nothing that can replace years of experience and know how!!!


  • Efficientcy
  • Satisffaction
  • Successful progression

From idea to samples to packaged products to marketing, promotion and sales.

At LoAnn, we will keep balance as we navigate from the excitement of an idea, or dream, to the realities of the competitive marketplace. With an eye on costs and pricing, knowledge of functional ingredients, and experience with what consumers want, we will create products that can be priced for profit, taste good enough to draw a loyal customer base and contribute to healthier living.

The method is simple and straightforward. We can start with a simple, undeveloped idea, an established formula that is problematic, or a finished product that is not quite commercial grade.  Let us enter the process wherever it’s stalled.  We’ll give an honest assessment of what you’ve got, and advise you on what steps are necessary to make it work.  Then it’s all about the work we’ll do with you to make it all happen.

If you want to take smaller initial steps to test the marketplace, LoAnn can offer private labeling opportunities as a smart alternative. We have a wide reach so there are no limits to the kinds of products that we can provide. By choosing to private label, you  can eliminate all of the R&D cycle. The creative work will be in designing packaging that has your signature style, pops against the competition and attracts consumer attention.

We want to work with you for products and packaging that are remarkable. If you need innovative sports nutrition products, powders, pills, capsules, healthier baked goods, functional bars, or cosmetics, we will build products  or a brand with you for consumers who take care of their bodies and manage their health and wellness.

Product development and packaging development can be exciting and  satisfying. You just need to be linked to the right partners. We know what to do, how to do it, where to do it, and how to treat you.  Now that is a seriously winning combination and the basis of a winning biz relationship.

Product Examples

  • Nutrition bars
  • Smoothies
  • Ready to drinks
  • Diet products
  • Healthy snacks
  • "No sugar" treats
  • Power shots
  • Performance boosters
  • Age defying pills
  • Hair growth formulas
  • Shampoos
  • Face creams